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About Speed Rose Online

Rose Online was still pay2play and there is a guy who wants to test some things for his Rose character on an offline test server. But there was the problem that party stuff is hard to test on your own, so it was brought online and posted on ragezone as a test server. Many people joined and didn't stop playing : Speed Rose Online was born.
Back in the days SRose was all about the simple testing of different ways of Rose gaming. There were Riddler Beans which gave incredible amounts of EXP and all items could be bought ingame. The community was constantly changing because you were maxed (maximum amounts of reborns and maximum level) within a few days and all different kinds of commands were put in to make "life" as easy as possible.
Today the system changed completely. SRose has only low-mid rates, a fully advanced Drop System and all working quests. The community and the staff is friendly and welcoming. PvE & PvP were completely revised and balanced, so that it's fun to play whatever class you like best.
Speed Rose is the by far best and oldest Private Rose Online server surviving and is uniting different peoples, religions and cultures for many years already.

Server Status

Loginserver: Online

Charserver: Online

Worldserver: 2 players online Online