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Switch to the new server and implent the current database and fix bugs while we play on it ?

Yes switch now ! 67% (617 Votes)
No, wait and fix them first 23% (214 Votes)
I dont know, where i am ? 9% (85 Votes)
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Invite as much ppls as you can! 160 25.02.2011

We will start a global SRose event where it will be possible to win really nice prizes.
Everyone can join and everyone can win (besides the staff ofc hehe).
The goal is to invite as many people as you can in 2 weeks, the invited one needs to be active for at least 2 weeks
and also needs a specific activity (more than 20 hours) within those 2 weeks to be counted as invited.
After those 2 weeks the inviting formular for the event will be closed.
Then we, the staff, will need about 2 weeks to get all results from the invited users.
After these 4 weeks we will post the results here and you can check if you won.
In case there are 2 or more people with the same amount of invites, those will get a random drawing of 1000 choices
in between those people to make it as random as possible.

For more infos check the forum by clicking here

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