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Switch to the new server and implent the current database and fix bugs while we play on it ?

Yes switch now ! 67% (617 Votes)
No, wait and fix them first 23% (214 Votes)
I dont know, where i am ? 9% (85 Votes)
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Winter Festival 225 12.12.2011

Hello guys,
We are happy to announce the Winter Festval has been started!
Gather all your energy and check out the Snow Valley!
(Two simple ways to go there: 1. Talk to Judy in Canyon City of Zant or 2. Go to Magic City of Eucar, find the portal upstairs and choose 8th option)

The villagers in Snow Valley will offer you plenty of quests such as ice fishing, smack Lunaris Bears with snowballs, search for cute snowmen, play ''Ruper-Penguin-Slag'' (the famous Rock-Paper-Scissors show) and many more!
Win as many as you can in order to gather Festival Tickets which can be exchanged for awesome winter-related prizes like snowmobiles, ski & skate uniforms and much more!

We truly hope you enjoy the winter festival. It will be available for the whole winter period, that means you will have plenty of time to get all the prizes!
Have fun gaming!
Greetings, the SRose Staff~

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